What is TAG

TAG’s vision is to help young people realize and reach their full potential; we want to see them become who God intended them to be…. This is where you come in. We seek to engage with youth, to inspire their generation to live like Jesus, to be missional expressions in their day-to-day life, and to explore their relationship with their creator. To do this, we seek to train, equip and envision youth leaders and volunteers to invest intentionally into their youth through training and coaching. Together, we will see the Transformation of A Generation.

The TAG website is an innovative online resource based initiative, created to practically carry out our vision by providing an interactive platform for young people to engage with, and a tool for youth leaders and volunteers to use. 

For youth leaders and volunteers, this means that we at TAG seek to partner with you, to build a network with you, to equip you with resources and to inspire you. TAG will provide you with a free weekly online, downloadable study resource to use with your youth group or discipleship small group. We seek to enable you to release God’s gift of identity, purpose and destiny in the lives of young people. 

For young people, this means we will be constantly searching out inspirational nuggets, dishing out pearls of wisdom from our many wonderful contributors on our blog, handpicking the crème de la crème of found resources (be it thoughts, music, videos and much, much more) and providing the latest information on events being held in the South West…  

All of this in one accessible website, here for you at the click of a button.

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