Leadership Integrity

'The Integrity of a leader lives and dies in the small decisions.'

I'm trying to be good, I really am. Recognising the all to easy slip into 'excess' I'm attempting to 'tidy the temple' this lent, aiming to put only good things into my body, and avoid eating the bad stuff... But M&S are not helping! Having just chosen my prawn salad and bio yoghurt in a practice run before lent unforgivingly kicks in, I'm then faced with walking the chicane of doom. A nicely presented array of sweets, chocolates and yum yums, carefully positioned to line the S shaped queue for the checkouts. My mind races as I eye up 'mini cakes' who seem to be luring me in a mermaid fashion, intent on destroying my healthy decision! It often seems to be this way in life doesn't it? We make a great decision, a new resolve, one that we know will benefit us, but in the process of executing the decision the world throws distraction and temptation our way. We begin to rationalise why we deserve the chocolate this time around, but what we thought was a treat turns out to undermine decisions and remove the power of our resolve. If you were among the blessed crowd who came to Onelife South at half term, I dare say you made some big decisions about life... How are those decisions playing out? Are you reaching for the Percy pigs or lifting up your eyes to flee the temptation?! You'll be happy to know that I made it to the front of the queue without caving in, but that's only because I knew I'd be writing this blog as I munched my lettuce on the train to London... Stand firm, hold onto the good decisions, and keep people around you who will encourage them. The M&S Queue is a pretty trivial example in the plight of making good decisions, but the integrity of a leader lives and dies in the small decisions. Keep up the practice of making great choices today, and you'll have a significantly increased chance of making great choices in the future when the occasion may not be quite so trivial. The people you lead will thank you for the day you chose prawn lettuce and bio yoghurt - although they probably won't say it that way! 

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