Mr Selfridge's leadership

Leadership lessons from ITV's Mr Selfridge

If you have any spare time on a Sunday night, take a look at ITV's Mr Selfridge. Before the programme I didn't even know he existed, just walked past the historic 'Selfridges' shop in London from time to time. But Mr Selfridge has much to teach us. He's a man of risk, vision and belief. Wherever he walks he inspires and calls the best out of people around him, even though neither he nor they know exactly where that will lead them. In episode one (which you'll have to get on catch up now!) he pushes through potential fears and failures to help people believe that a world changing shopping experience is possible. On the eve of opening, flooding in the shop threatens the dream, but one speech later and his staff are applauding and committed to working late to get things done. It's a fascinating exploration of leadership, with almost every scene teaching us about mobilising vision.

At the core of Mr. Selfridge's leadership is discipleship. He has a vision and calls others to follow him there. I've no idea what twists and turns the series has in store, but I bet the people around him become a little more like him, learn from him and even begin to lead others in the way he leads them.

Discipleship and leadership go hand in hand. When Jesus called the disciples to follow him, he didn't have a passive experience in mind, he wanted the fishermen to learn from him and get on and do the stuff. Following Jesus means you will end up doing what he does, and scarily enough that will make you a leader, because Jesus was a leader. It's important to get hold of that concept, because Jesus intention for our lives is to follow him and change the world around us. Are you really ready for that? It doesn't mean that you'll be influencing the masses necessarily, but maybe just the two or three around you in your every day.

Follow Jesus and learn to lead, it'll take a bit of risk, vision and belief - so perhaps watch a bit of Mr Selfridge and get inspired for all that you could be and do.

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