Why TAG?

Paul Friend (Director of SWYM) Shares his heart for TAG and seeing the Transformation of A Generation.

Why TAG and Why Transform a Generation

I am very excited about partnering with TAG in the south west. I have over the last few years had a dream to see an army of young people rise up to stand for Christ in a way in which previous generations including my own haven’t that we might begin to see the culture of this nation turn around. TAG share this same heart and with the AWAKEN conference I believe we have an opportunity to gather together from right across the region some of these young leaders who will be the bringers of hope to their communities. Add to this the leadership hubs which will be developed from Jan 2015 I am excited to see How God might use this new vehicle of TAG to serve the church in this region and be a catalyst to equip young people to lead where they are.

Contributed by: Paul Friend

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