World Changers Rise UP

To be a world changer, is done through having a relationship with God

‘World Changers,’ really, is that what we are called to do, to change the world? The apostles might have done it, but me?! For many of us this idea that we can change the world could be somewhat off putting even scary, but don’t fear, please read on!

If this is your first time you’re engaging with the TAG website and the ‘Jesus shaped discipleship series’ can I encourage you to have a look at the previous five weeks. I believe when you look at what has been spoken about over these five weeks you will be encouraged, helped and challenged. There are great blogs, discussions and wonderful artwork to help you explore the topic of Discipleship.

I am going to be exploring what it means to be a world changer today, but before I get into this theme I want to you think about the following Biblical truth:

‘You are a dearly loved son/daughter of God, you are accepted by God and He is so wonderfully in love with you that there isn’t anything you have done that will make Him love you any less, and there is nothing you can do that will make Him love you more – YOU ARE LOVED!’

As I am writing this I am praying that God will reveal more of that love to you.

The reason that I mention this is because when can get so messed up in who we think we are supposed to be, rather than who we really are.

I can happily say now that I am not defined by the way I look, what I wear, what I listen to, where I live, where I work or what I do. I am not even defined by my name. My identity comes from being a son of God. I am a son because I have a Father in heaven, I am a brother because of Jesus, and I am enabled to do what God asks of me because of His Holy Spirit and the relationship that I have because of everything that Jesus has done. I am loved and accepted – I am a son.

I would like you take a few minutes to think of yourself as a son/daughter of God. If you are brave enough speak it out loud, if you are feeling incredible courageous tell yourself in the mirror – you are loved and accepted – you are God’s son/daughter.

When I looked at this theme ‘world changers’ a few months ago I didn’t realise then that my life would be turned upside down by what was going on with my family. I have, however, realised that God really does bring good out of every situation (Romans 8:28). I have always found that an incredible hard verse to read and hear when going through life’s difficulties, but it is true.

So, why am I mentioning all the above and not just getting on with being a world changer? Well I think you will have noticed from the past weeks that God is passionate about our relationship with Him and others (The greatest commandment Matt 28:16-20), our relationship with Him first and then others. God has called you by name; he has also placed you somewhere for His purposes. When we understand that it is out of relationship with Him that the world is changed then we are free to follow and do what he asks – we become part of His mission to change His world.

I am going to ask you to do something else for me, would you give yourself the next few minutes with God and write down what you would like to see different in this world. It might be a big thing, small, world related, country or community. It might even be to do with family, friends or even church. (Please do take some time to do this.)

I have realised that God doesn’t call us to do everything, but he does call us to do something.

You have a list in front of you from God; it’s a list that could change the world (His world, your world and the world of others). I know He wants to use you to bring His change to a certain area.

Remember, we can do nothing without Him, but with Him and through Him, this world will be changed.

The reason I mentioned earlier about my family situation was because I took time with God, just like you did, and wrote down what I would like to see different. I wrote that I would like to see specific things different in my family. God then asked me to pray for that change. God then enabled me to show and give love to my family in a situation that seemed hopeless. I am still loving and praying, God is changing things, but has asked me to be part of changing His world.

To be a world changer, is done through having a relationship with God, He is faithful and He promises that He will always be with us. When He asks, know that He is with you. You are only called to be obedient; the results are always left to Him.

He will use you to change the world if you let Him, change, however, might start with you first.

This week can I encourage you to spend time with God, if you struggle with this ask people around you to help you, ask them what they do and how they do it. We are all on a journey; let us share with each other this wonderful relationship with God and each other 

Contributed by: Ray Thomas

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