How to get involved

At TAG we love new ideas, original thoughts, creativity and inspiration. We love to find, share and borrow things that are particularly significant for young people, youth leaders and volunteers. We then culminate all of these things into our website; a resource specifically engineered to inspire and see lives transformed.

For this online resource to be all that it can be, we need you (yes you!) to get involved.

We would love to hear about what you’re up to; the local events you are involved in that you would like to promote to others, resources you have found that really inspire you and that you wish to share, as well as any other exciting testimonies and stories that are happening near you and in your life! 

TAG cluster resource, is our up and coming resource section. We are in the process of putting together a small group resource to help you run a highly effective discipleship group for young people. Our resource is designed and put together by TAG, but has an array of diverse contributors and wide range of thoughts and practical ideas. Our cluster small groups are at the core of what TAG does. We believe that small training groups are the key for the development of young people in their walk with Christ. 

We would love you to make use of our small group resource – and to connect with you if you are running a similar small group for young people.

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